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We are working on a new site! There will be no more posts on this one!

Register at the new site and let us know if you like it!
Everlasting010 - 08.07.16 05:42h 0 Comments

E3 is over!

E3 is over!

We covered most of the games in the forum under E3 2016, ofcourse we let some of the games out just because we don't think they fit in the selection of games we play and stream.

But don't worry!
If you missed the E3? we have linked all the press conferences in the forum for you to see the whole event again.
This way you won't miss any games and u can watch it over and over again!

Have fun gaming!,

XG_Wesz - 18.06.16 17:47h 2 Comments

E3 2016

Dear Gamers!

The E3 2016 is coming in a few days and Xclusive Gaming is keeping you up to date !
We are posting the livestreams, information and trailers online as soon as possible!
Make sure you dont miss a thing!

Times are CET +01:00 !

  • Electronic Arts - Sunday June 12, 22:00h
  • Bethesda - Monday June 13 , 04:00h
  • Microsoft - Monday June 13, 18:30h
  • PC Gaming Show - monday June 13, 20:30h
  • Ubisoft - monday June 13, 22:00h
  • Sony - Tuesday June 14, 03.00h
  • Nintendo - Tuesday June 14, 17:00h

Kevin - 10.06.16 21:47h 4 Comments

The Giant is in the PS Store!

Since the last two days you can download the Giant out of the PS Store!
You always needed a season pass for the zombie map but they changed that. For €6 everyone can download the map!

What is your highest round on zombies solo? And what map? Let me know!

Have fun playing this amazing map!


Everlasting010 - 02.06.16 09:57h 7 Comments

We are live!

Dear gamers,


As you can tell from the title we are officialy done with the website, from this point troughout the future there will be a admin online every day that is there for u if u have any questions or anything.

Ofcourse we will still be fixing some minor isseus on the site but everything is running and most of the site is reachable and working.
Also keep an eye out for info on the forum, there will also be some fun challenges to do and a place to talk about anything with other XG members.REMINDER!: DON'T BREAK THE FORUM RULES, KEEP IT NICE!

We are also still working on the youtube channel, we don't know how long that is gonna take us but we are trying our best!
In the meantime you can follow us on twitch where we will be streaming very often!

Hope ya'll have a great time at our site and with XG

Have fun gaming!

XG_Wesz, Clanleader.
XG_Wesz - 19.05.16 18:51h 2 Comments
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