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#13 Kevin IP: IP saved  
26.06.2016 10:07h
i miss some gaming time together ! lets get it on sooooon
#12 XG_Wesz IP: IP saved  
26.06.2016 09:13h
Hey guys take a look at Gas guzzlers in the forum!, maybe a fun game to play with all members?
#11 Everlasting010 IP: IP saved  
21.06.2016 07:31h
Yeah man! There are a couple of games I'm looking forward too!
#10 XG_Wesz IP: IP saved  
17.06.2016 04:52h
DId you guys follow the E3? and what did ya'll think of it? excited about some new games?
#9 Kevin IP: IP saved  
12.06.2016 21:48h
Bethesda at 04:00 +1CET have fun
#8 Kevin IP: IP saved  
12.06.2016 19:20h
Almost EA Games time !!!!
#7 Kevin IP: IP saved  
3.06.2016 14:53h
why ? filming your mirror again ? ;p ,
#6 Everlasting010 IP: IP saved  
3.06.2016 10:01h
Wanna see a Zombie stream tommorow?
#5 Everlasting010 IP: IP saved  
1.06.2016 23:09h
E3 Hype! DLC 3 information incoming soon!
#4 Kevin IP: IP saved  
31.05.2016 18:12h
#3 kalesmartiej IP: IP saved  
27.05.2016 22:47h
Nice site boys thumbs up
#2 Kevin IP: IP saved  
5.05.2016 06:36h
Make sure you follow us at @XG_NL & Youtube : Xclusive Gaming
#1 XG_Wesz IP: IP saved  
1.05.2016 14:42h
Welcome! site is under construction at the moment, but we hope to have it finished very soon!

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